New PuroQuiet headphones help protect kids hearing


The advent of technology has been a blessing and a curse for today’s kids. Loud music and too much screen time has resulted in a generational epidemic of concentration related disorders. This in turn has meant a significant increase in the number of children being prescribed attention deficit countering medication to keep them focused. For many parents, the thought of medicating their children on a daily basis is an anathema. They are therefore actively seeking concentration alternatives – and a technology emerging as one of the most popular is noise cancelling headphones such as the new PuroQuiet headphones.

New PuroQuiet headphones are not only an answer to concerns around concentration but carry the further benefit of protecting children’s’ hearing by regulating the volume at which music can be played. In fact, the headphones limit volume levels to a maximum of 85 dBA, which are decibels adjusted to replicate a person’s ear’s response to varying sound frequencies. This is a safety measure implemented as part of the volume-limiting feature built into the headphones. That means there is no chance of a tech-savvy tyke being able to turn the feature off in their device settings.

The PuroQuiet headphone noise cancelling technology also filters out all ambient sound in noisy environments by up to twenty-two decibels. What’s more, the headphones have specifically developed noise isolating ear pads which provide 82% isolation for children who need quiet or dedicated white noise in which to concentrate and prepare for events such as a free hearing test.

Puro has invested in ensuring that their new PuroQuiet headphones meet the functional needs of even the most discerning of modern children. The devices are developed to be lightweight and perfectly sized for Puro’s pint-sized customers. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t durable, in fact the strong aluminium frame ensures that they are both comfortable and stylish.

These really are the ultimate in child-focused technology, designed to meet the needs of today’s kiddie consumer. With this in mind, shoppers must be warned that in terms of sizing, they are absolutely kid-oriented. While it may be tempting to grab a pair of PuroQuiet headphones for your teenager who keeps playing his/her music too loudly, the reality is that they are highly unlikely to fit.

We all know that our children are some of the most discerning consumers of technology and in this regard, the new PuroQuiet headphones certainly do not disappoint. The headphones offer both Bluetooth and a wired connection through 3.5mm audio cable. Impressively the Bluetooth battery life is up to 22 hours in normal mode and even when active noise cancellation (ANC) is activated, it still delivers around 16 hours of listening pleasure. Now that is substantially longer than most car or plane trips any of your children are likely to find themselves enduring!

Furthermore, if you child likes to spend time plugged-in’ and gaming with his/her friends, the headphones also have a highly sensitive microphone to allow in-game features such as chat. All in all, with parents having to face the fact that world has changed and technology, screen time and online communities are not going away, it’s time to ensure that your children do so safely.

And safety is not just about who they engage with, it’s what equipment they use to do so too. Investing in new PuroQuiet headphones means that not only can your child benefit from a premium listening experience, but when it comes time to put the game down and concentrate on school work, ambient noise is cancelled out too.