Unique and creative types of stairs for your dream home

stair design

When we think of designing our dream home, our thoughts often turn to decorations, furniture, colour schemes, maybe an overall theme. Rarely, though, do we think of the structure of the house itself. The structure can have a huge impact on the look and feel of the house, however, transforming it into a place that is one-of-a-kind and creative, a real dream’ home. A designer staircase is a great way to do this. It can act as a centrepiece, or simply a less conventional way to climb between floors. Here are four ideas for a unique and creative set of stairs that will take your house from dwelling to dream home.

  1. Spiral Stairs: Winding around a central axis, a set of spiral stairs takes up less space than a traditional staircase, and is easier to install because of its self-supporting nature. A room with a spiral staircase can feel artsy and bohemian, if the stairs are more cantered, or, if placed alongside a wall, like the climber is descending to the top of a medieval turret. There are some drawbacks to spiral staircases (good luck moving furniture up them!), but in terms of aesthetics, they’re hard to beat. We recommend placing them in main rooms or between decks/porches.
  2. Curved Stairs: The happy medium between traditional and spiral bespoke staircases, a curved staircase retains the functionality of straight stairs, while also adding a serious touch of elegance to the room they’re built in. Who wouldn’t feel like a princess while descending a set of curved stairs? Curved stairs can be built following alongside a wall, free-standing, and with or without railings to suit the overall mood of the room. The only issue is that they are trickier to build, and because of that, they can run expensive to install. In rooms like a main entrance, though, the level of majesty they add might just be worth it.
  3. Floating Stairs: Consisting not of a case’, but of single beams projecting out of the wall, floating stairs are a truly unique touch to whatever room they are placed in. They are minimalist and subtle, easy to install, and can run along the wall in any way you choose. Floating stairs, however, are perhaps not for the faint of heart — since they only attach to the wall on one edge and usually lack railings, they might be a bit nerve-wracking to climb. This kind of stairs usually looks best in a bedroom or any room where you wish to let the furniture and other decorations stand out more and set the mood of the room.
  4. Ladders: Economical, space-saving, and inexpensive, ladders can instantly add a loft’ vibe to the room they lead up to. Climbing a ladder to your bedroom rather than taking the stairs can make you feel as though you’re in a secret hideaway instead of just an everyday bedroom. Ladders can also be placed on wheels and moved around easily, or be walled in on either side to make it feel like a much steeper version of a staircase. While they cannot be used as a primary staircase, as you can’t really get things up and down a ladder, they’re a great way to connect two rooms, such as a library to a bedroom.